Daler Rowney Shimmering Colours Set of 5

27.95 21.95

A set of Daler-Rowney Shimmering Colours plus a tube of System 3 Mars Black acrylic paint – the perfect starter pack for exploring the stunning effects that you can create with these paints!

Daler-Rowney Shimmering Colours produce beautiful shimmering effects, reflecting ambient light and changing with the angle that they are viewed from. They are especially effective when applied to black or dark backgrounds.

Daler-Rowney Shimmering Colours (Interference Mediums) can be used straight from the tube and produce a magical shimmering, metallic, transparent lustre with electric intensity.

Set Contains:

75ml tube of Shimmering Red

75ml tube of Shimmering Blue

75ml tube of Shimmering Green

75ml tube of Shimmering Gold

75ml tube of System 3 Mars Black acrylic paint