Marabu Graphix Sketch Marker Sugarholic Set 12


A twin-tipped pro. The alcohol-based Sketch Marker comes with not one, but two Japanese tips. Depending on the style you want to achieve, you can create either fine contour lines or thick wedge ones. By using the 1 mm contour tip, you opt for a particularly fine line style, whereas the 1 – 7 mm wedge tip can be used to create wide lines, wedges, three-dimensional shading and impressive colour gradients. The Sketch Marker skilfully masters illustrations, sketches, final artwork and much more. Thanks to the easy-to-hold pen body, the artist can keep a firm grip on even the wildest of sketches.

The high-quality, alcohol-based ink makes the colours look particularly vibrant and intense. The brilliant ink is also low odour and quick drying. Overlaying several layers of colour intensifies the colour depth, ideal for designing dynamic shading and colour gradients.