Montana UV-EFFECT Transparent 400ML


Transparent effect paint only visible under direct UV light.

The Montana UV effect Spray can be applied to numerous substrates such as coated and uncoated screens, masonry, wood, glass and more. T

  • The UV light effect becomes more prevalent, the more coats are applied particularly when applied with a stencil.
  • Ideal for indoor use, the luminous spray can be a great tool not just for making art or art happenings, but also in practical contexts such as Guerilla Marketing, night clubs, venue and property marking.
  • The UV EFFECT spray is compatible with other color and effect coatings within the MONTANA CANS range as long as total curing time has occurred. (24-48 hours).
  • Please consider limited lightfastness. In general fluorescent colored pigments are less lightfast and not resistant to the elements.