Pebeo – Gedeo Create Your Own Candle Kit


Create your own original and unique candles with the Pebeo Gedeo Make Your Own Candles kit.

This set contains all you need to experiment and create – 500g candle wax (frosted effect), 5 colour pigment sticks, 12 reinforced wicks, 1 fragrance, 1 mould, plus instructions for how to use (with 4 creative ideas for inspiration).

Use any or all of each ingredients provided, to make scented candles or unscented, assorted single colours and mixed colours – use the mould provided, or a clean jam jar.

Contains Dipentene, which may produce an allergic reaction.

The candle wax provided is in powder form, and made from a mixture of parraffin and stearin. 1 volume of powder = 1/2 volume of melted wax.