Turps Painting Magazine Issue 25


Turps Banana is a magazine about painting, made predominately by painters. Turps does not carry a singular position or attitude about painting, but is as open as possible, in order to allow dialogues to develop.

Turps contributors are not critics or professional art writers, but practitioners whose contributions will hopefully illuminate their own work as they reflect on their contemporaries and their interest in the history of painting.


Prunella Clough by Scott McCracken
Matthew Lippiatt talks to Eric Fischl
Tracey Snelling talks to Jesse Wiedel
Danger and Emergency Paintings: Damien Hirst
Milan Kunc by Phil King
Korean Painting in London: Kyung Hwa Shon, Youjeong Kwon, Seungjo Jeong, Jinyong Park, In Keun Lee, Meeyoung Kim
Helen Frankenthaler by Katie Pratt
The Cake Paintings: John Bunker talks to Michael Stubbs
Charles Burchfield by Andrew Griffiths
Turps Banana in conversation with Nicholas Pace